My Career Choices

I have picked two career choices for when i’m older and can get a job. First I just want to say that I love animals, now you may know a couple careers that I might say. The first career that I can choose from is being involved with the ASPCA because like I said I love animals and I love to see them go into a good and loving home. The second career I would love to be a Veterinarian, the reason I would love to be a Veterinarian is because I would be saving animals lives. Also when i’m older I can and want to do both of these jobs.

The Last Olympian D:

I’m finally reading The Last Olympian! The last book of the first series of Percy Jackson And The Last Olympians. At first when I started reading The Last Olympian, I was sort of scared a bit because I thought the main character Percy Jackson was going to die. Now I’m a bit confused though because Percy isn’t really an olympian. The olympians are the twelve olympians, Zeus, Hera, Athena, Ares, Artemis, Hephaestus, Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Apollo, Aphrodite and, Hermes, so I wouldn’t count Percy as an olympian. Now i’m really excited to read the rest!

I Sang a Song In Front of the whole class

Today I sang a song for the whole class, I can’t believe I did it. We were doing a presentation for the class on the constitution, so me and my one partner made a song. It goes like this,

first we got the preamble so our brains don’t scramble,

then we got the seven articles, they are not particles,

last we got the amendment so the laws do not bend,

it is the bill of rights, everybody needs everybody wants the constitution.

So first it’s the bill of rights cause it really helps keep us tight,

preamble, amendments, seven articles is part of the bill of rights,

cause the constitution has three parts

The Sea of Monsters

I finished the second book of the series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, it was a great book with lots of adventure, action, and I get to learn about the greek stories and gods. I sort of take back what I said that the other book is the best because this book is my favorite now. I am really excited to read the third book of the series because then i’m one book closer to finishing the series and I want to start the second series. Overall I think this book was a really great book and you should read the series.

The Lightning Thief

I’ve started reading a book called The lightning Thief! Overall I think it’s my favorite book i’ve read so far this school year. My favorite character in the book so far is Annabeth, even though we basically have nothing in common. Annabeth is a girl who has been staying at Camp Half Blood since she was seven,and her father has never payed any attention to her and never wanted her. Annabeth’s a Half Blood, what this means is she is a demigod, and no i don’t mean like maui, her mother was a god and her father was just a human, so she’s half god.

My LA stations

My learning stations are grate because we get to work with our teacher and we get to work by our self sometimes.We also get to learn new things about each other.Some times we get to learn with our teacher because she tells us that even she is still learning stuff about school. We get to play cool games,but they are mostly learning games but they’re still fun.We also get to read scholastic news articals we also write about the articals.Do you like your reading class to?