The Careers I’m Interested In

Hello my name is Johalys. Today I’m going to tell you about some careers I’m interested in. The first career I’m interested in is being an author. I love to write and when I’m bored, I grab a notebook and start writing. My dad would always say that writing that much would be very helpful when I get to the one point in collage and do one of those thousand word essays. The second career I’m interested in is being an artist. I love to draw. I’m never really good at it but it doesn’t hurt to try. I always try to make my drawings perfect. The last career I’m interested in is becoming a chef. I LOVE to cook and bake. I always ask my mom to help her around the kitchen to help make dinner. And for some weird reason, when I was little I would always try to look for a cooking show. I love how the food sizzles on the pan in the T.V. My aunt is also a baker so she is being a huge help by buying me all the supplies that we need to make cupcakes or cookies. Thanks for listening to all my¬† careers I’m interested in!

My Favorite Seasons

Today I’m going to talk to you about my favorite seasons. So my favorite seasons are summer and spring. I absolutly love warm weather. Not too hot or too cold. In between kind of weather. I don’t like scorching hot weather where it’s so hot and sticky you feel like melting, but I also don’t like cold weather at all. There’s no in between with the cold weather. I just don’t like it. I perfer walking outside without worrying if it’s too cold at night to wear a sweater, instead of going outside at night with a sweater and it’s not cold at all, so I have to carry that sweater with me for the rest of the night. What I’m baiscally trying to say is, I like predictable weather.

What I’m Going to do for Christmas

Today I’m going to be blogging about Christmas. I know it’s a little early for that but I don’t celebrate Halloween or like it, for that matter. Thanksgiving doesn’t have that much attention except for food, and I really like Christmas because Family comes over. We have one of the biggest parties ever even before New Year’s Eve. We usually have family over for Christmas, or we go over to their house for the New Year. My Relatives live in a different state so we can’t go over there whenever we feel like it. We have to plan what day we come and how many days we stay, we have to bring presents (of course.) And we have to bring food. (Especially Lasagna.) But I love every single second being with my cousins because my cousins and I are very close. So let me summon up what we pretty much do on the hollidays. We go over to my cousins house, unpack, have a party, make the food, have a party, eat the food, have a party, and go home. The reason we have so many parties is because we’re Dominican. We always blast the music to the extreme, drink soda, and dance. (You can tell we make the most of our little time together!) That’s what we do on Christmas! Thanks for listening!

My Thoughts For “Big Nate Strikes Again” (Book Number 2)

My thoughts for the second Big Nate book are all positive because Big Nate is brilliant and fantastic. Big Nate is a chapter book about a sixth a grader named Nate Wright. His two best friends Teddy and Francis who keep making fun of him. But that’s what friends do right? Anyway, This book is about him having to be stuck with a Pain in the Neck for a “special project” which all she does is just study and brag about her perfect Academic Record. But Nate has other things to do like sports! He’s in this sport called Fleece Ball. Fleece Ball is Basically Baseball except instead of bat you hit with a broom stick and the ball is really soft. This means the world to him and he was picked Team Captain! Now nothing can stay in his way…Except Randy Betancourt, the school bully. He was also picked team captain of Fleece Ball. How is Nate going to win Fleece Ball With a cheater? Even worse how is he going to finish his “special project” with the pest that keeps bragging about how perfect she is? Read the Book to find out!

Goals For Writing

Goals For Writing

My Goals For Writing are

*Submitting At Least 10 Posts

*Going Three Posts With No Mistakes

*Coming Up With Some Awesome Ketchy Phrases

*Make a Post At Least Once Or Twice Everyday

*Achieve All These Goals