Clean water and sanitation. What does it mean? Why is it important?

Clean water and sanitation means to clean water and make it safe for drinking. Clean water and sanitation in important because without clean water to drink people can die from dehydration or a disease in the contaminated water. Thousands of people die each day from being forced to drink contaminated water. Clean water is really important because your body is made up of 75% of water. Also not only you can die from drinking water that has a disease it could posable spread.

Bobby Joe part 7

One night Owen was dreaming that he could fly and touch the sky. Then next day Owen said “I’m going to fly like a birdy… OH LOOK A BIRDY.” Bobby Joe said “that’s impossible” then Owen knocked  Bobby Joe out cold then Bobby Joe  said “BRUH DON’T DO DAT.” Then an eagle ate the bird and the policeman ate the eagle and the shark ate the policeman and said “YUMMY fish dinner.” Then a mino ate the shark. Then the next day they went to school the teacher Mr. Arena resaled an alligator first Mr. Arena was riding the alligator like a donkey and said “ HEE HAW HEE HAW!!!!!” Then Owen and Bobby Joe said “that was ridonkulous and that was legitness.” Then a rhino poked Owen and he said “MY BOIZ THAT HURT COUSIN.” Then Owen grabbed Bobby Joe Then  Owen and Bobby Joe when to a museum and they when to the bathroom and  got locked in. Then they when to a temple and mummies were surrounding it and they were chasing them down the street and Bobby Joe said “see you in a lake” and they went into the woods and then two mummy’s came and they knocked them out cold and dragged them in lake and Bobby Joe said “OH FRESHWATER!!!!!” and drank the whole lake and Bobby Joe said Owen “did I get fatter” Owen said “no not at all.” Then Bobby Joe got stuck in the doorway. Then Owen said “IT’S WEDNESDAY MY DERRYS HEE HEE HEE HEE.” Then a beaver slapped Owen from the great wall of china to Yellowstone National   Park in North America Owen got up and said “that was unfortunate MY COUSIN” then the beaver said “what was that MY BOIZ.” Then Owen said “it was me you stupid beaver” and the beaver said “I’m not stupid I just like turtles.” Then Bobby joe and Owen were walking home in the jungle and a coconut dropped and knocked Bobby joe out cold. Then the coconuts took Bobby Joe to the dungeon and said “red bull gives you wings.” Then Bobby Joe said  drank a redbull and got wings and he flew in the air and a dragon burned him with his fire breath.



To be continued :By Madix, Dimitri and Nathan  

Bobby Joe part six


Bobby joe part six

One day Bobby joe was at the beach and he was fishing for the shark that killed their friend Jeff Owen said “bring it on shark” then the shark said “BRUH DON’T DO DAT” then he jumped out of the water and grabbed Owen and took him in the water the there was blood everywhere in the water and Owen came to the surface and Bobby joe said “what was that blood from in the water” then Owen said “I spilled my juice box it was fruit punch. Then the police came and said “I dropped my donut” then the policeman started crying and Bobby joe said “if you like donuts so much why don’t you work at dunkin donuts and eat all the donuts and get fatter.” then the policeman said “I’m pinokeyo and his nose grew 999,999,999,999,999 feet. Then his nose smashed through jupiter’s cousin neptune. Then jupiter bit off the policeman’s nose. The policeman said to pinokeyo “your under a rest!” so he arrested his self. Then Bobby Joe and Owen said “he’s dumber than a sack of potatoes. Bobby Joe said “bye captain underpants.”. Then the policeman said “get in the car to himself” and he said to Bobby joe “can you drive me to the prison they will understand.”. Then he said to Bobby Joe “oh at least I’m not godzilla’s poop.” Then Bobby Joe said “you should live under a bridge.” Then Owen drank a full bottle of hot sauce and Bobby joe said “you nasty”. Then Owen said “Square up”and Bobby joe knocked Owen out cold then Owen’s pet turtle jumped on Bobby joe and started gnawing on his head. Then Bobby joe yelled “MY BOIZ THAT HURTS” then Bobby joe picked up the turtle and jumped off Mount Everest and body slammed the turtle onto a car and the turtle said “YOU HURT ME COUSIN” right in Bobby joe’s face. Then the policeman got out of prison and went to dunkin donuts and got fatter by eating chocolate donuts. Then the policeman said “why am I so fat” Bobby joe said “because you ate 100,000,000 chocolate donuts.” The policeman said “I need one more chocolate donut” then Bobby joe gave him the donut and then the policeman exploded. Then his dog said “bye cousin.” Then the shark jumped out of the water with his mouth opened then the donut jumped in the shark’s mouth then Owen said “didn’t your Mom tell you not to play in a shark’s mouth” then the donut said “what’s a Mommy I don’t have one” then the donut said “this is where my journey ends.” Then the shark swallowed the donut and a whale ate the shark then the dinosaur ate the whale then Bobby joe ate the dinosaur then the policeman ate Bobby Joe. Then the policeman said “I ate jupiter I think I’m going explode then he exploded then Bobby joe flew and hit mount Everest then Owen laughed so hard he fell into the water then Bobby joe said “oh fresh water” then he drank some then he picked up his friend greg and threw him across the earth then he caught him and threw him all the way to pluto than pluto caught him and pluto threw him back to earth and he landed in a fire pit and he said “my butts on fire my butts on fire my butts on fire” then he jumped into the lake and Bobby joe said “oh more fresh water” then he drank some. Then he drank the whole lake and he burped and flew around the galaxy 30,000,000 times then Owen said “bye cousin see you in 300 years or heaven what ever one comes first.” Then Bobby Joe came back 300 seconds later Owen said “it’s been 300 years ok I’m going to heaven” then a bird pooped on his face and fell on the turtle and he burned from the ugly smell. Then another turtle came out of the lake and jumped on Owen then Bobby joe tackled the turtle off of Owen then Bobby joe knocked it out cold and it popped like a balloon. Then Owen turned into giraffe and Bobby Joe turned a turtle. Then they both turned back and said see y’all in a lake. Then the person said “I’m too ugly to die.” “Then Owen said but you’re not too ugly to get fatter by eating chocolate donuts.” Then the person said “that’s true now stop yelling at me you’re not my Daddy”
To be continued…
By Madix and Nathan

Bobby Joe part 5

One day Bobby joe was at the beach with his cousin Owen and they were in the water they were hanging out with the other friend Jeff. Then 2 seconds later the lifeguard yelled “Shark everyone out of the water then Jeff disappeared then Owen and Bobby joe swam as fast as they could to land luckily they made it they sat down on the beach then a shark with legs got out of the water and started chasing them down the street, Owen was crying his eyes out no like they actually fell out. Then the shark said “I have you right where I want you” then he started I’m a birdy and he flew away then Bobby joe said “bye cousin” Then Owen said “Shark get us a boat then one appeared.” Then they went on the boat then the boat flipped and Bobby Joe fell off and the shark said “yummy fish dinner.” then Owen said “have your fish dinner” and also said “Bye cousin see you in heaven” Then Owen said cousin didn’t your mom tell you not to play in a shark’s mouth.” Bobby joe said “Maybe yes no NO!” then he dove out of the shark’s mouth. He swam to the boat as fast as he could then he jump up out of the water and his cousin Owen grabbed his hand and pulled Bobby joe up on the boat and the shark jump up and bit Owen’s hand off Owen screamed “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” then Bobby joe drove Owen to the hospital in Bobby joe’s bugatti. Then Owen got rushed to the emergency room and got a plastic hand put on. Then when he was driving home he crashed. Then he bought a ferrari and then drove it to the hospital and took Owen home and then Bobby joe went home. The next day Bobby joe was driving to Owen’s house and Owen was outside playing in the street with rocks and then Bobby joe accidently ran Owen over in his car. Then Bobby joe started to think I wonder if the shark had anything to do with this. Then when Owen was healed they went to the beach again the shark came out of the water on his feet Owen screamed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Bobby Joe started to beat the shark then the shark screamed AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Bobby joe and Owen started running and then Bobby joe said “not today to the shark and jumped on top of him and ran in the water Owen looked in the water all he sall was blood and he screamed “my cousin” then Bobby joe went up to heaven but he didn’t make it and he fell off the cloud and splash right into the water then he go up and yelled “WHAT JUST HAPPENED!!!!!” then went to the snack stand and Owen and Bobby joe bought the whole snack bar and with all the snacks in it. Then they went to the dock with their fishing poles and tried to catch the shark that killed their friend Jeff

To be continued By :Madix and Nathan

Bobby Joe part 4

One day Bobby Joe said “I like turtles.” So he bought a turtle from his neighbor. When he took it home it bit him. He turned into a turtle and they had a turtle fight. Bobby Joe threw the turtle out the window. Bobby Joe went rogue and bit everyone, so everyone turned into a turtle but his cousin Owen, Because the turtle ran out of venom, and Owen threw the turtle out the window and said “BAD TURTLE!!” Owen bit all the turtles and they turned back into human’s. After that happened Owen and Bobby Joe knocked Bobby Joe’s neighbor out cold because he sold the Bad Turtle to Bobby Joe and Owen kicked him in the head he also kicked the turtle. The turtle attacked Owen and Bobby Joe yelled “No!!” Bobby Joe picked up the Empire State Building and smashed the turtle but somehow the turtle threw the Empire State Building into outer space. The turtle also knocked Bobby Joe out cold but while the turtle was not looking Owen tied a rope to the Empire State Building and to his foot so he went flying with the Empire State Building. The turtle got knocked out cold because he smashed through Pluto’s cousin and Pluto got mad and knocked the turtle off the rope and the turtle went flying to the earth and caught on fire and he smashed his head into the ground and could not get out. Owen and Bobby Joe yelled “HAHAHA” at the turtle. Then the turtle got out of the hole and knocked Owen and Bobby Joe out cold then he said turtle power. And he tied a rope to them they went flying into space then they came back down to earth and hit a mountain and they fell, the turtle yelled REVENGE!!!! Then the turtle went home and started to lift some weights then he went back and found Bobby Joe and Owen the turtle looked like the hawk his nickname was the ripped turtle. Then the turtle threw Bobby Joe 500 galaxies away then Owen said “bye cousin.”. Then the turtle said your turn then Owen ran for his life but the turtle was powerful he could teleport then the turtle teleported Owen 500,000 galaxies away then Bobby Joe said this turtle going to get knocked out cold then Bobby Joe said at least i’m floating farther away from earth. Then Bobby Joe jumped to earth and landed on the turtle and then he got up and knocked the turtle out cold. Then Bobby Joe picked up the turtle and threw him in a lake. Then Owen said I’M STILL UP HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Bobby Joe said did I hear something Owen said Bobby Joe’s these days. Then Owen said Bobby Joe’s deaf. Then Bobby Joe said would you like to say that to my face. Owen said YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Then Bobby Joe got 1,000,000 snapping turtles and threw at Owen. Owen said Buddy’s then Owen heard the turtles snapping and yelled AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the the turtles fell and went to Bobby Joe and said we have a job to do then the turtles started to snap Bobby Joe. Then Owen bought a blimp and the screen said TURTLE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! Then the blimp exploded into tiny pieces Owen fell and landed on his feet and he started to run around and say my butt’s on fire my butt’s on fire my butt’s on fire. Then the turtle fell into the core and started saying my butt’s on fire my butt’s on fire my butt’s on fire. Then Bobby Joe got a high pressure hose and sprayed them and said don’t be a big baby. Then the turtle and Owen started going after Bobby Joe. They knocked Bobby Joe out cold and dragged him to his grave then when he woke up he said am I in heaven? Then Owen said NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then when Bobby Joe got out of his grave he knocked Owen and the turtle out cold then Bobby Joe ran away. Owen went to Bobby Joe’s house and said hey!!!!!!!!! To Bobby Joe and Bobby Joe said hey!!!!! And Bobby Joe ran in the forest and turned into a turtle and Owen turned into a giraffe. Then someone was walking threw the forest and they did not know who it was and it was the turtle Owen and Bobby Joe knocked the turtle out cold. Owen yelled “Yeah we took that turtle down.” Then they got a turtle and said hi cousin. Then the turtle said revenge!!!!!

To be continued

By Nathan and Madix

See Think Wonder


Name: Nathan


Expedition Name Text Title
Yosemite national park Letters home from Yosemite


What do you SEE?

(Describe what you see using WOW words)

I see gigantic sequoia.and amazing rock formation    

What do you THINK?

(As you are experiencing VR tell your audience in detail what you are thinking using sequence words. First, Next, Last)

First I think about the amazing rock formation. Next I think about the gigantic sequoias. Last I think about the water falls.

What do you WONDER?

(During your expedition what are you wondering about? What questions come to your mind?)

I wonder how all the formations were made.

Adapted from Veronica Vox Mansilla @ProjectZeroHGSE


Text Connections


What did you SEE in the Expedition that you can CONNECT to the text?

(Be sure to cite specific examples from the expedition and the text)

I saw giant sequoias on page 150 in the book and in VR.

How do you THINK the Expedition enhanced your understanding of the text?

(Be sure to use evidence from the text to support your response)

It helped me by understanding how big a lot of formation are.

What do you still WONDER after experiencing the Expedition and reading the text?

(Write a reflection to extend your thinking i.e. What are you still curious about? What more do you want to know?)

If the whole thing will change one day


Bobby Joe part three

One day Bobby Joe was at his house eating warheads and his face looked like a monkey saying bruh. Owen rang Bobby Joe’s doorbell and Bobby Joe opened it and sayed “Hi cousin.” Owen said back “Hi cousin.” One of Bobby Joe’s neighbors came running up and said “Hi Bobby Joe” Bobby Joe said “Hi cousin” his neighbor had a turtle and he brought it up and it attacked Bobby Joe and Owen. Bobby Joe kicked the turtle and said I like turtles and Owen and Bobby Joe went and attacked the owner. Bobby Joe jumped on the owner and stole the turtle and ran, and Bobby Joe said “see ya in a lake.” Then when they went to school Bobby Joe said I have something important to say “HI COUSIN!” Then after Bobby Joe said that the turtle jumped on everyone and attacked them. When they left the school a feather nipped the school and it collapsed. When the school got rebuilt a bird didn’t see the glass and ran into it. Bobby Joe started running and Owen yelled where are you going? Bobby Joe ran and jumped into a lake and Owen jumped off the empire state building and missed the lake. But there was a trampoline and he hit the trampoline and flew and hit a mountain and fell into the lake. Bobby Joe said “my turn.” This one kid rode his bike off the empire state building. He hit the trampoline and flew all the way around the world and hit mount Everest and flew into outer space. A turtle said “my turn” he jumped off the empire state building and hit the trampoline and flew all the way to pluto and broke it and it turned into a dwarf planet, and Bobby Joe said “wow I can’t believe that a turtle made that much destruction.” Owen said “wow that was redonkulous”. They went home and said wow that was legitness. They got a good night rest… to be continued

The End.

Bobby Joe part two

Owen and Bobby Joe still had no luck finding their way out. Owen said “it looks like there’s going to be a thunderstorm”Bobby joe said “I don’t think are tree house can take the storm.” well we better be prepared they both started patching holes and other unsturdy parts. They’re both wondering if the tree house will make it. In the storm a piece of paper blew and hit the tree house and it knocked it down and the piece the tree house fell on Bobby joe and he sprained his leg. Then Owen yelled BOBBY JOE ARE YOU OKAY? NO!! Yelled Bobby joe. Owen yelled WAIT THERE I AM COMING TO GET YOU!! Bobby joe yelled OKAY!! So Owen went to save Bobby joe but when he got there Bobby Joe was starving and so was Owen so they both went to get something to eat but there was nothing so it was a life decision for Bobby joe and Owen. it was eat or be eaten DONE DONE DONE. But they found a leaf that had a sickness in it but they did not now. So they got really sick and they went to go find water and Bobby joe found some and yelled in Owen’s face I FOUND SOME WATER WE CAN DRINK so they drank some and they turned into superheroes. Owen’s superpower he can turn into a turtle. Bobby joe’s superpower was he could fly, and they heard someone coming and Owen got scared and turned into a turtle and Bobby joe could also turn into a giraffe so he did that and then he just acted normal and ate leafs off the trees. Bobby joe did not know who the person was so he charged at him the person screamed AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! And Bobby joe knocked him out cold they turned back to normal and they dragged the person and put him in a lake. So it turned into fresh water, And then after they did that Owen grabbed on to Bobby joe and they flew home. To be continued