Module 3 Ice Cream Project

In Language Arts, students finished the third module of study. Earlier this week, students brought home their rubric and score for their performance task. Students imagined they were co-owners of an ice cream company. They created a new, healthy ice cream flavor and were to persuade a “school board” to purchase this ice cream to sell in the cafeteria.

Students chose their presentation method. Some made posters, one group created a TV commercial, and some made Google Slide (like Powerpoint) presentations. Students thoughtfully examined the rubrics created by last years’ students and revised them to be more specific. They did a great job with this, with very little input from me. This became their rubric for grading.

Classmates eagerly went to work researching, planning, and preparing their presentations. They presented them in class last Friday — they are improving in their ability to speak in a presentation voice, and everyone enjoyed seeing each other’s work. We will continue using rubrics during the remainder of the year. I expect that the next time we use one, they will have a much better idea how to check their own work against it as they complete the project and will adjust until they have all the parts they need for the score they want.

As a culminating celebration of their work, the groups then made homemade ice cream in the flavor they created. This was a hectic recess/lunchtime activity, but a very yummy endeavor. THANK YOU to our mom helpers!! Students sampled the different flavors and are using the results as we begin learning how to write opinions with supporting details. If you didn’t see your child’s presentation on SeeSaw yet, be sure to check it out.