Half Way There!

Wow! We are already half way through the first marking period! The students are really working hard in math  class. Our focus in math continues to be place value. Students are learning about digit values and  how to write numbers in different ways such as standard form, expanded form, and word form. We are also focusing on comparing numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to language. This Friday (10/6) students will take the post-test for the place value unit.

Our next unit is on Fluency of Sums and Differences to 100 and Word Problems to 100. We will be regrouping students based on pre-test scores before we begin the unit next week. Information about your child’s math teacher for the new unit will be sent home prior to the start of the new unit.

We have been working on collaborative activities in class using place value skills. Students completed place value pumpkins with partners and these works of art are now hanging in our hallway. Students also get to play games to practice the skills. It’s great to see the students sharing their understanding of place value with their peers and helping each other as they work through an activity together!

Please continue to practice fact fluency at home. This is an important skill students will need and we build upon it when we begin multiplication in the coming months! Students work with our paraprofessional, Mrs. Jones, and our Title I teacher, Ms. Severance, on fact fluency in class every day. At home practice greatly benefits the students so they can move up levels in our class!

As always please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!