Quarter Two Updates

Wow! We are well into quarter two and the students are doing such an amazing job! We have been working on so many skills such as author’s view point, story structure, text features, and character view points. The students have been reading a variety of fiction and nonfiction to practice with these skills.

In addition to the skills mentioned above, we have been working with writing strategies such as strong openings, including many details, using ordering words, and of course writing in COMPLETE sentences! We have completed some fun writing projects like How to Make a PB & J Sandwich and a special writing piece that will be coming home soon.

I have sent home our latest take home project. I’m so excited to hear/see what the students will be sharing with the class next week! Please let me know if you have any trouble finding books.┬áHere is a copy of the sheet that came home:

Sharing Through the Seasons

Dear Families,

For the holiday season, each student will be sharing a holiday or seasonal book to the class. Please have your child select a book, practice reading the book aloud at home, and bring in a special item to go with their story for each student. For example, if they read the Gingerbread Man, they could bring in a small gingerbread cookie for their classmates. They may also make something like a snowflake for their story. When choosing the story, keep in mind that they will be reading it to the class. It is best to choose a story that is shorter in length, so everyone has a chance to share through the seasons. This is due by Monday, December 18th.

Thank you for participating,

2nd grade teachers


After the winter break we will be starting something new. I will be implementing a vocabulary quiz every few weeks. As a class, we will be exploring words together that come from books we read as a class. After we have about 10 words, a review sheet will come home and there will be a quiz on the words. The quiz will not be on the same day as a spelling test or other tests that may occur. I will always give notice of the quiz (and send the review sheet home with plenty of time to practice at home). We will be working with the words together in class and playing review games together as well! Thank you for your support with this!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Thank you,

Miss Gentile