Online Math Practice

Click on the link to learn about the online programs we use in math.  Students can earn prizes for each 10% they complete in the ST Math program.  IXL is a great program that matches the skills we are learning about in class.  Look for the yellow stars next to the skills Mrs. Thomas selected for you to practice!  Xtra Math is a great program to use for practicing math facts!  Find links to these programs on our Blue Ball student page:

Blue Ball Student Page


Math Homework:  Please practice math facts for about 10 minutes each night.  Flash cards are a great way to practice.  I may send home Rocket Math practice if your child gets stuck on a particular level.

Rocket Math Intro Letter

Current Unit:  Fluency of Sums and differences to 20 and Word Problems to 100

In this module, students gain extensive experience working with numbers to 10. This module establishes a motivating, differentiated fluency program in the first few weeks that will provide each student with enough practice to achieve mastery of the expected fluencies (i.e., adding and subtracting within 20 and within 100) by the end of the year. Students learn to represent and solve problems using addition and subtraction: a practice that will also continue throughout the year.

Fluency of Sums Parent Letter


First Unit:  Place Value, Counting and Comparing Numbers to 1000

We are currently working on our Place Value math unit.  Students are learning about place value, counting and comparing numbers up to 1000.  It would be helpful to practice with your child at home and allow your child opportunities to practice reading and writing numbers in different ways (words, numbers, and expanded form), comparing numbers you see everyday, using digits to create numbers with the greatest and least value, and explaining their mathematical thinking in words, picture, or diagram. 

Place Value Parent Letter

Approximate date for end of unit test:  October 6th

Greater Than/ Less Than Song

Place Value Song