Read Across America Week!

Read Across America  



Join us in celebrating the wonderful and wacky world of Dr. Seuss from February 25- March 1.

Monday, February 25:   “Cat in the Hat” – Wear your Dr. Seuss hat or favorite hat

Tuesday, February 26:  “Oh! The Places You’ll Go” – Dress as your future career

Wednesday, February 27:   Wacky Wednesday”  – Dress in a wacky way   

    (Crazy hair, mismatched clothing, inside-out clothing, etc.)  

Thursday, February 28:  “Cat in the Hat Comes Back” – Thing One & Thing Two Day.  

   (Grab a friend and dress as a twin or choose a color for the classroom.)  

Friday, March 1:   “Happy Birthday to you!”  – Dr. Seuss’s Birthday! (well on Saturday)

(Wear your favorite Dr. Seuss character or favorite story book character)    

In addition to these themed days, there will be additional activities throughout the entire week!  

You’re Never Too Old, Too Wacky, Too Wild, To Pick Up a Book and Read With a Child!  -author unknown



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