My Fabulistic Pumpkins


                          By Mae Basehore


Have you ever needed a pumpkin but not wanted to buy one for Halloween? Well here’s a suggestion: Buy one this year, but next year use these easy-to-follow insructions. Now, here are the steps on how to plant a pumpkin.


1.One watering can.

2.Some water.

3.One pumkin seed.



                                                          WHEN TO PLANT IT

                                                    In late spring or early summer.


1.Dig a hole in the garden that’s one inch deep and one inch wide.

         2.Drop the seed in the hole.

      3.Fill the hole with dirt.

      4.Fill a watering can with water.

      5.Pour water in the hole.

      6.Water every day unless it rains.

      7.When the pumkin is orange, cut it with a sharp knife, or let it rot.


If you don’t know how to carve it, that’s another story. Bye!


                   Roccoco GardenCreative Commons License Kathryn Yengel via Compfight     


  1. your instructions on how to plant a pumpkin is very helpful.did you plant one before?What do you do with the pumpkin.

  2. Hey, Mae. First of all, mae means dude in Costa Rica. I really enjoyed reading your instructions on how to plant a pumpkin. I thought it could’ve been a little more specific. Do you like pumpkins? I do.

  3. Hi Mae,
    I am your blogging mentor for the 2017 Blogging Challenge.I live in a rural area in Victoria, Australia. We are close to the ocean and I walk, run and cycle around the area every chance I get.
    Your instructions for growing pumpkins are very clear and adding the photo gave the post some impact too. Have you grown many? What is your favourite recipe for using them? I moved house in the early summer here and had to leave my vegetable garden behind. It was too late in the season to plant any summer vegetables, so it was lovely reading about growing pumpkins on your blog. It brought bag happy gardening memories!

    Happy Blogging!

  4. Alexandra Online

    Hi Mae,
    I really like that you’re showing us how to plant a pumpkin. Is it easy to plant a pumpkin? If so I’ll try it at my house.
    Alexandra Online

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