Why nations trade

                                                                             Why nations trade

Because we have what they don’t have and they  have what we don’t  have then we trade so we could feed us and other or get stuff for other like cars to make so that’s why we export and export means out  like exit, but they import that means in, and they import to us.

My letter

Febaruary 19 ,2018


Dear mr. mckaskey I think we should do more gardens, because they can learn how to take care of stuff, and we need to be able to know science, they can go outside a little bit more.


Because other grades can plant and learn to take care of other stuff. Why they should take of other people’s stuff  is because when you get older people will maybe trust you to take care of there stuff. Also take care of school supplies.


We need a garden because we might be able to learn more about science,math and other classes. Because for a garden you have to get the preminater the area. Then for ELA you could read the information you need to help your brain by reading.


Also because they can get more exercise how because there going outside and doing something. So you can start moving and get some fresh air and not be stuck inside all day.


This is why we should have a garden near our school.

  • From Mckayla



There are 5 states that don’t have a sales tax they are

Alaska,delaware,Montana,New hampshire and oregon.

Only seven states have no personal income tax and they are,Wyoming,Washington,Texas,South dakota,Nevada,Florida and Alaska.Which states pay the most for taxes,Connecticut,New jersey,Wisconsin,Illinois,California,Maryland and Minnesota.Why doesn’t delaware have taxes? Because corporate income tax no goods and service provided delaware corporations operating outside of delaware.

Taxes and States

  There are 5 states that don’t have a sales tax

. Alaska

. Delaware

. Motana

. New hampshire

. oregon


Only seven states have no personal income tax and they are.

. Wyoming

. Washington

. Texas

. South dakota

. Nevada

. Florida

. Alaska


Which states pay the most for taxes

. Connecticut

. New jersey

. Wisconsin

. Llinios

. California

. Maryland

. Minnesota

my invention

             my taback

hello I was thinking that I could do a backpack that you would have a tablet on the front and you can also take it apart and put it in your backpack and the front, and there will be earbuds in the front pouch and their free,then you will have a like thing that can cover we’re the tablet was.

Native Americans

   Native american


Hello my name is Aiyanna and i’m a saluda tribe and today for lunch I ate bean soup and it was super good then we went with our tribe.we also live in south carolina and a little bit of animals are here.Also I love my mom I don’t live with my dad my dad died during hunting another tribe shot with bow and arrow.


                   The great spirit

I then we went walking and we were thinking of the great spirit but also the reason why we were walking because we were hunting, but all a sudden all of the animals were gone then the great spirit came and said “you all come back or else” but they didn’t come alive, so she said “i’m sorry but i’ll show you a another place that have a lot of animals and only me  and a tribe of people that believe in me can come in and know you guys believe.



           Midnight tick tock

  We were going back to the rest of the tribe it was midnight and then we got home the rest of the tribe said “did you get it” the ones that went hunting said ”no” they all sided except the ones that went hunting.Then we said “we’re going to sleep” so everyone went in there teepees and went to sleep.



              Let’s go now

So we woke up and there was the spirit waking everyone up that went hunting the other day. So then they got to the place the the great spirit  was talking about and then apparently some of the animals were gone and so then we saw deer and quickly shot them then the spirit carried us home and then we saw hundreds of food bean soup and squash soup with living animals every where apparently the animals that kept disappearing were at our town and apparently mr.chief did it and we all were happy.



                          The End   






The Titanic

          The Titanic sinking


            By: mckayla barba


On april 10 1912 me and my family was going on a boat called TITANIC I looked at the boat the “guy who created the titanic said the boat is 269.1 metres-the length of the titanic (882 feet 9 inches)”. Then we went on the boat and got settled in our room and put stuff were the stuff belonged and then we went to dinner and the” guy said more 825 tons-the amount of coal used per day”.”Then he also said that there are 2,223 on board.He also said the Titanic can hold 3,547 people”, then I said thanks for the facts.


For food there were 40,000 of fresh eggs for 2,223 on board.Then the lifeboats the titanic can hold 20 lifeboats.Then “he said it would cost 6,000 dollars”.Then I was outside and then I felt a BANG and we crashed right into a huge piece of iceberg .Then the titanic split in half the other half sink here were a bunch of people on the other side.


Then the other side sinked into the ocean.I lifeboat came and I got on it and they handed me a blanket then we go to a bigger ship and then it took me to my house.On the titanic only 31.6% people survive but that’s what we heard from the news,and I was one of them because I went quickly on to one of the lifeboats.


                    The End