“Is Online Shopping Bad for You?

How has the internet made shopping easier?  Because you do not have get up from your house and you get to be lazy.  Another reason is you don’t have to wait in a long line to get a pack of Doritos.  


Why do some people think online shopping is bad for you?  One reason is because you can get your information stolen.  You get sucked into advertisements that you shouldn’t be sucked into.  Another reason is because you can get your package stolen and you don’t have a thing.


When did  the first shopping mall open in America?  The first mall was built in Minnesota in 1956.  


What is happening to stores as more people do their shopping online?  Stores are getting shut down because because they can not pay their bills.  No one is at their

store buying stuff.


Where are robots being used to do human jobs?  Robots are being used in Amazon’s warehouse. They are replacing humans.  Humans are out of a job and don’t get money.

Caring For A Dog

  Do you want to know how to take care of a dog? I’m going to tell you how to take care of a dog. First, get two dog bowls and dog food. Put the dog food in one of the bowl and put water in the other bowl. Next, it’s time to play with your dog and have fun. Get a bone and say your dog name. Then, show the dog the bone and the dog will chase you and you are playing.After that,  it’s time to walk your dog. Get a leash for your dog and a plastic bag. go outside into the dog goes to the bathroom and when your dog goes pick it up with your plastic dag .and that’s how you take care of your dog.

glass exploion

   Have you ever had a glass a explanation in your kitchen? Well,I have ,and my  brother and sister almost got hurt.It happened one Late morning Was playing with my remote control car ,and my remote control army tank. My car is red and blue wit fire strips on both sides. I was playing with them in the the living room.After little while I asked my brother and sister if they while  I asked my brother and sister if they wanted to play board games. They said yes so we decided to play uno. We decided to play . We play only one game if uno and then we decide to play Jenga. My brother made it fall so he Tostitos the game . After playing Jenga, I went to the kitchen to see what my my was cooking.she told me she was going to make a pizza for lunch.lunch. She preheats the  oven then she realizes there were pants still inside the over that she did not take out she sees a glass pan sitting on the bottom of the the oven. That she did not take out . She sees a glass pan sitting on the bottom of the oven.my mom tried to remove the glass pan but couldn’t because it was already melted to the bottom .she decided to tum off the oven door .thn minutes later ,she glass pan exploded.glass was everything. Was all over the floor,in the oven ,an angry voice she told us to go into the living room she could it up the glass.After evening was cleaned up ,she put the pizza. She made in the oven. Once the pizza was finished cooking ,we all eat lunch together. We decided to watch a movie as we eat lunch.

All about me

All About Me


My name is Legend.  I like to play video games.  I like to build things and fix things.  My favorite hobby is playing foosball.  I like to go to the park.  Sometimes I play kickball or play tag.  My blog is about sometimes make believe things and real things that happened in my life.  I am a fun person, sometimes curious, and quiet and noisy.  I like to break things and that is all about me.

The Share Table

Grrr…we can hare stomaresgraling in hunger . There so many kids at newHolindElementarethaty that are hungry . mrs.sneath ,can you help us bring the shar tadol into newhollahdy Elementary  school.

There should be som guid for sharing food.park food should be un opened. Paek food should be unugin because germs spread if it is  unugin . packaged and unugin from packrs . there are a lot of students in New Holland Elementary School that are hungry. A lot of students don’t get enough food. This is why we want to help our small part of the world. This is why we propose a “Share Table” at New Holland Elementary.  Mrs. Sneath, the students at your school are hungry. Research shows that students miss a lot of school because they get sick easier. Mrs. Sneath, do you want your students to be successful?  The facts above do not lie. Give us a chance to give the “Share Table” a try.  We challenge you to help us create a “Share Table.”