October 29

Washington DC

Have You ever been in Washington DC? It is a great place to see some of America’s history. There’s about 13 different Museums. They’re many different monuments, and memorials too. I got to see the Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Memorial, The White House, and The Capitol. I didn’t get to go in the white house though. I also stood where Dr. Luther King Jr. stood to give his “I have a dream speech.” It was an experience. If you did not ever visit Washington DC, you are really missing out.

This is the lincoln Memorial!

monument landmark washington monument memorial obelisk us monolithPublic Domain

October 18

Recycling Good or Bad?

Have you ever thought about what happens with your recycling? Well, when we recycle we use many fossil fuels, and many different gases. That is not good for the environment. Yes it gives people jobs, but would you rather make a mess for the next generation, or just find another job? We need to live in a sustainable way.

In the article Pro/Con: Should we throw away the recycling program?, it says that it is more expensive to recycle than to just make more of it. For example, when we try to recycle paper, it’s way more expensive, than to just cut more trees down, and make more. Or, to collect more sand and make more glass. It’s less expensive to just make more than recycle.

But, that’s not the important part. We are harming the environment when we recycle. We kill so many animals just because  we recycle. This is because when we dump the oils, fossil fuels, and gases into the animals habitat. This harms them.

You see, when we throw something into the recycling bin we feel good about it. This, is because we’re told recycling is a good thing. Next time think twice. We really should stop recycling and help clean up the environment. We have left a mess for the next generation.



September 27

What Is A Responsible Citizen

A responsible citizen is someone who takes their role in their community, country, and the world. A responsible citizen is someone who will participate in activities, and try to make the world a better place.  If you’re a responsible citizen you do your responsibilities. Such as, voting, following laws, respecting others, pay taxes, and be honest. If you’re a responsible citizen you care for your community, country, and the world. You help out as much as you can. If you have these traits or do these things, you’re a responsible citizen.

September 27

How I can Help Others


In the next eight hours, to help the world I can,  recycle all the papers I get in school today that I don’t need. I can use it for scrap paper or an art project. In the next eight days I can, donate school supplies to kids in need of it, or donate needs to families who need it. In the next eight months I can, eat what’s on my plate so that there’s no food waste. Plus, some people don’t have much food at all. Those that do have a lot waste most of it.  In the next eight years I can, try to present to people the damage we do when not recycling. If I did a lot of research I should be able to convince some people.

We need to stop, think, and move. We are citizens of the world and need to help the world. There’s many ways to start. Pick one and do it.