The forest

The forest

One day there was a girl named Sophia and she was getting ready for school and she was so excited because she is a new student. When she was done getting ready she ate breakfast then she went to go on the bus. When Sophia was at school she asked someone if they know how she gets her locker number and one of the kids said that she has to ask the principal so she went to the office and asked the principal for her locker number so the principal gave her number for her locker. She opened her locker and put her things in it and she locked it and went to class. After school she asked her friend leah if she could have a sleepover with her and she said “sure i would like to have a sleepover with you” and leah also said “but who’s house is it going to be at” and sophia said “we should do it at your house” and leah said “ok see you later” and sophia said ok “bye”. It was 6:oo and Sophia went to leah’s house and they were walking in the forest and they heard screaming like someone saying help so they tried to find the person who was screaming but the screaming stopped and this guy came up to them and said “what are you doing here”. Sophia said “we heard someone screaming for help so we were see who it was but the screaming stopped”. Then the guy said “I do not want to see you in this forest. If i see you here i will haunt you”. The girls got scared so they ran back home to leah’s house and called the cops because they think that there is something suspicious about the guy. When the cops got to Leah’s house they told the whole story about the guy. The cops found the guy and arrested him and put him in jail.  

The end.

haunted house

Nidd Hall Hotel & Grounds-2m one day alyssa was walking around the town and she was going to the grocery store and she bought halloween things and then she went home after she got home she setted up her halloween decorations because tomorrow is halloween after she setted up the halloween decorations she went to bed. In the morning Alyssa went and made herself breakfast after breakfast she was waiting till it was dark outside 5 hours later it got dark outside and so Alyssa went outside and she found a haunted house so she went inside the haunted house and she saw things floating she went up to the attic and she was looking to see what was up in the attic she saw old paintings and other things then she saw a secret door and went close to the secret door and fell and hurt herself,then she got up and ran back to her house.

saving a animal

one day ally  was driving to france when she was in the middle of  the road and she found something on the road so she got out of her car and went to see what it is, when she looked closer at it she saw that it was a kitten she saw that the kitten was dying so she took the kitten, she went home and got things for the kitten so it can survive, after a month she kept the kitten and she named it ash the next day ally found another cat that was injured so she took it into her house and took care of that cat, the next day when ally woke up she found out that the adult cat had 20 kittens so ally kept all of the cats and bought toys, treats, and she spoiled all of the cats The End.



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