Strong as a Lemon

We are finishing strong in first grade! Although the end of the year is in sight, we are still learning! Today we focused on the lemon. Lol! We read about lemons, tasted lemonade, graphed our favorites and even learned a little water safety for the summer months ahead- thanks to our lemon sink and float activity. Ask your child tonight if they were on team pink or team yellow!!

Philadelphia Zoo Phun

Best. Trip. Ever.

We had so much fun visiting the Philadelphia Zoo. Your children were amazing- well behaved on the bus, polite, safe and excited to learn. This is everything we could ever dream of as teachers. We are blessed to spend our days with your children! Experiences like this are only possible, due to our families that got all of our class to school by 7:45, your help throughout the year to fundraise for the PTO; and the support that we are given by our administration.

Our day at the zoo could not be replicated via a book, a video, or  replicating technology, so thank you- thank you-thank you for the opportunity! Here are some of our most favorite memories…

  1. the cool spray of a fountain after a long bus ride
  2. an otter chasing a fish and enjoying it for breakfast RIGHT IN FRONT OF US…so gross, yet so awesome
  3. a baby gorilla hanging of its’ mama’s leg
  4. lunch adventures with our chaperone of the year, who saved a stolen lunch from a grumpy, aggressive goose (don’t worry, we are going to turn it into a book this week, so you can hear every detail!)
  5. we were there for the first day that a new baby lemur was exhibited and allowed to play outside the enclosure-we watched it almost fall off its daddy’s back and the mommy reached over and saved him- exhilarating
  6. Christian loosing his second tooth….thank goodness we had extra baggies with us
  7. watching a polar bear pull meat off the bone
  8. learning about how tigers play ball and seeing the teeth marks they leave behind on it when they are done playing
  9. yummy Philadelphia pretzels and frozen lemonade
  10. the smell of the penguin habitat- stinky, but so worth it they were adorable

Dinosaurs with Miss Thompson

We have had so much fun learning about dinosaurs with Miss Thompson!!!! We have made fossils, models of carnivore and herbivore teeth and compared the size of our feet to that of a triceratops.

The children have loved having the extra attention and energy that Miss Thompson shares with us!!


Somebunny Special Visited

Today we had a very special visitor come hopping into our classroom!  All week long we have been working on visualizing,  been using sensory words to describe our experience. After practicing on inanimate objects such as illustrations, books, popcorn and pickles we were ready to test our skills on a real live funn objects such as illustrations, books, popcorn and pickles we were ready to test our skills on a real live bunny!!!  Mrs. Hole,  A second grade teacher in our building down the hall has a very friendly classroom pet, a bunny.  The kiddos were tickled pink to have our special visitor and were very excited to record sensory words to describe him!

Love is in the Air

Well to be honest…love is always in the air. Your children are such warm and caring bucket-fillers it is inspiring to be around them! This is what I get to see at school during the day! Your children thanking each and every friend as they opened their valentines with hugs and high fives. So sweet!!!

Magic e Magician

For the past several weeks we start our lessons with a Monday Morning Magic e Magician aka Mrs. Haag!!! 😀

The kiddos love seeing the magic hat and cape come out! This is a very challenging skill and we will continue to practice and support your young readers as they add to their literacy tool belt!  Until then… Abracadabra!

Discovery Education

A big thank you to Lancaster IU13 and our Literacy Coach, Mrs. Bruno! As teacher we have been  Learning how to incorporate more technology into our collaborative learning stations. After developing a discovery education board on Groundhog Day and a technical assist with Mrs. Bruno,our class was tickled pink !!  Kiddos were able to view a video and close up photographs then collaborating together on what they learned on a summarizing poster project! First Graders amaze me!!!