Somebunny Special Visited

Today we had a very special visitor come hopping into our classroom!  All week long we have been working on visualizing,  been using sensory words to describe our experience. After practicing on inanimate objects such as illustrations, books, popcorn and pickles we were ready to test our skills on a real live funn objects such as illustrations, books, popcorn and pickles we were ready to test our skills on a real live bunny!!!  Mrs. Hole,  A second grade teacher in our building down the hall has a very friendly classroom pet, a bunny.  The kiddos were tickled pink to have our special visitor and were very excited to record sensory words to describe him!

Love is in the Air

Well to be honest…love is always in the air. Your children are such warm and caring bucket-fillers it is inspiring to be around them! This is what I get to see at school during the day! Your children thanking each and every friend as they opened their valentines with hugs and high fives. So sweet!!!

Magic e Magician

For the past several weeks we start our lessons with a Monday Morning Magic e Magician aka Mrs. Haag!!! 😀

The kiddos love seeing the magic hat and cape come out! This is a very challenging skill and we will continue to practice and support your young readers as they add to their literacy tool belt!  Until then… Abracadabra!

Discovery Education

A big thank you to Lancaster IU13 and our Literacy Coach, Mrs. Bruno! As teacher we have been  Learning how to incorporate more technology into our collaborative learning stations. After developing a discovery education board on Groundhog Day and a technical assist with Mrs. Bruno,our class was tickled pink !!  Kiddos were able to view a video and close up photographs then collaborating together on what they learned on a summarizing poster project! First Graders amaze me!!!

Learning about Diversity

While learning about Martin Luther King Jr the students had such amazing and kind conversations! Your children are so amazing! After a lesson exploring eggs that have different shells your children made immediate connections to Martin Luther King Jr and his message!

Happy Holidays


We have had so much fun these past two weeks! We have celebrated Grinch Day as we explored character traits. We have been reading and writing about story elements as we’ve read some classic holiday favorites!! We can’t wait to bring home our Elf Journals to share with our families, we have tried to record many of Frosty’s adventures in our classroom!! We hope your children have had as much fun as we did!  We hope you enjoy your holidays and we cannot wait for your children to return full of stories in January!!!!!

Thankful Thoughts

Our classroom has been filled with Thankful Thoughts as we learned about the first Thanksgiving. The kiddos were adorable wearing their Pilgrim hats each day as we learned by doing. We sailed on the Mayflower, down the long front hallway. We ate hard crackers and dried beef. We experienced cold. We met the Native Americans and Squanto Bruno taught us how to fish, hunt and plant. We grew mellocream pumpkins because well… Why not! Lol! The week ended in our celebration feast of soup, pumpkin pie and cornbread. Christian said it best when eating his pie,”I could cry happy tears.” Your kiddos are so sweet and try so hard I could too!!!! We hope you had as wonderful of a week as we did!

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Pumpkin Palooza

We just finished the yummiest yet grossest week in first grade! Students learned all about nonfiction text features as we learned all and a little more than we wanted to about pumpkins. We learned all about the life cycle of a pumpkin and what happens to a pumpkin as it begins to decompose. Did you know flies vomit on the pumpkin to make the outer skin begin to dissolve so they can drink it up? Yup, they sure do, and now we know it too!!! Ewwwwww!!! One of your children, said “I would never eat food after I puked on it!” Hahahahahahah!

On Friday we culminated our learning with a morning of exploring pumpkins. We measured, weighed, floated and counted our pumpkins. We were blessed to have different varieties of pumpkins to compare so we were able to have great discussions! A huge thank you to Mrs. Babbs, Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Haag for their amazing energy and help, or our morning would not have been able to be so hands-on! Thank you!!!

We ended our morning with a yummy pumpkin bar treat from Mrs. Haag. I am sensing a pattern here that the kiddos and I are thoroughly enjoying!!!! Yum yum!


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