4th Grade

1.       Teaching Strategy for syncopation (syncopa) is introduced

2.       Teaching strategy for la pentatonic scale

3.       Teaching strategy for dotted quarter followed by eighth note

4.       Teaching strategy for fa

5.       Teaching strategy for triple meter

6.       Teaching strategy for low ti (la pentachord and la hexachord)

7.       Teaching strategy for dotted eighth note followed by a sixteenth note (forwards and reverse)

8.       Teaching strategy for low so

9.       Partner Songs (2 part form in music)

10.     Explore rondo form and also the form of American folk music

11.     Explore the dynamic markings of pp, mp, mf, ff, crescendo, decrescendo

12.      Aurally identify orchestra instruments

13.      Explore representatives of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania composers

14.      Perform music in 6/8 meter (American folk music uses this meter frequently)

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