3rd Grade

1.  Explore an eighth note followed by two sixteenth notes

2.  Explore low la

3.  Explore two sixteenth notes followed by an eighth note

4.  Explore low so

5.  Explore internal upbeat and external upbeat

6.  Explore high do

7.  Explore the rhythm of a dotted half note

8.  Explore standard note and rest names

9.  Explore the treble clef

10.  Explore rounds

11.  Explore first and second endings

12.  Explore the dynamic markings of (forte) and p (piano)

13.  Visually identify instruments and related families

14.  Improvise and compose: melodies, rhythms, accompaniments

15.  Analyze and evaluate music and musical performances

16.  Explore international and multicultural music literature

17.  Music literacy is further developed and notated, students will be able to read, write, and sing music

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