2nd Grade

      1.  Introduce the tonic note of the major pentatonic scale do (in the key of C, F and G)

2.  Explore the half note rhythm and rest

3.  Introduce the second degree of pentatonic scale re

4.  Introduce and Explore sixteenth notes

5.  Introduce and Explore the major pentatonic scale

6.  Explore a four-beat meter (4/4) and three-beat meter (3/4)

7.  Explore the bar line, double bar line, measure, and meter sign

8.  Explore the concept of a tie and slur

9.  Introduce the whole note rhythm and rest

10.  Explore rhythmic and melodic ostinati

11.  Explore symbols of form: repeat sign, D.C. al fine, D.S. al fine

12.  Explore dynamic markings of getting louder and softer

13.  Explore domestic literature, songs that are American in nature: Singing games, Nursery songs, Folk songs, composed songs in simple range and folk style

14.  Explore two, three or even four part cannons

15.  Use creative process to improvise rhythmic and melodic questions and answers,  short improvised melodies and rhythms are used as an ostinato to familar songs

16.  Compare form in music of like and different melodies







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