1st Grade

1.       Explore steady beat, step the beat and clap the rhythm to various duple-meter songs, this is done by singing and also using inner hearing

  1. Melodic contours including identification of repeated melodic or rhythmic motives
  2. Quarter and eighth notes, in groupings of two and four (in stick notation)
  3. Two note chant so-mi, with clear articulation of words, correct posture, breathing, and   expressive singing.
  4. Recognize and perform rest (quarter note)
  5. Three note chant la-so-mi (pentatonic as advanced material)
  6. Explore a two-beat meter
  7. Accented and unaccented beats (comparison)
  8. Explore phrases (comparison of like / unlike)

10. Visually identify instrument families

11. Improvisation on rhythm and melody

  1. Reinforce fast-slow, high-low, loud-soft for music and sounds
  2. Perform simple ostinato with performance of song (ta, ti-ti, ta rest and/or ta, ta, ti-ti, ta)
  3. Perform an easy melodic cannon
  4. Sing songs from memory

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