May 31

Last Week of 2015-2016!!!!

It is CrAzY to think that this is our last week of school for the 2015-2016 school year.  I do not know about all of you but it sure has gone by fast.  We all struggled and gained throughout the year.  We had success and failures this year. We grew both physically and academically.  Our writing has grown into a blog and our blogging has grown into creative thinking.

Blogging is a journey and I am proud of what my students have accomplished.  We took on the Student Blog Challenge and some of my students were rewarded by placing in the top 5 for the Eddie Awards!  None of us expected to win.  It wasn’t about winning.  It has always been about growing and learning.  I have seen my students grow in writing.  I have heard their ‘voice’ start to develop in their writing.  Blogging has allowed us to write to a global audience.  We have traveled around the globe reading and commenting on posts from students on every continent (except Antarctica).

In a globally connected world, it is vital that our students be exposed to cultures beyond the school walls.  The Student Blog Challenge has helped my students connect globally and they have learned about the world beyond the textbook, beyond a video.  They have communicated directly with real life people in countries thousands of miles away.  I have tried to explain to them that writing is the most powerful tool they will ever learn to use in life.  Writing can be used to bring down governments or build them up.  Writing can spark ideas in others, move emotions, and even can help others learn.

I’m proud of all of you! Don’t ever let anyone silence your voice!  This world is yours, stay connected, be creative, and keep blogging!

~Mr. Geiman

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My name is Adam Geiman and I was born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Millersville University with a Bachelors of Science in Elementary Education and Philadelphia University with a Masters of Science in Instructional Design and Technology. I am a soon-to-be father of a beautiful baby daughter and have been married to my best friend for three years. I have been teaching for 13 years; 10 of them in Eastern York School District and the past 3 years at Eastern Lancaster County School District. Besides teaching, I am passionate about learning educational technology, Philadelphia sports, traveling, and cooking.

3 thoughts on “Last Week of 2015-2016!!!!

  1. burkholdz1q

    Thanks for being my Reading teacher Mr Geiman it was so fun to have you. I Miss 4th grade already.

    1. Mr. Geiman (Post author)

      Thank you MoMo for working hard and sharing your creative writing abilities with the class and the world. I am honored to have all of you in my class and wish you all the best of luck next year. Keep writing on your blog I’m checking it several times a day.


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