The Titanic

  The Titanic

On the 10th of April in 1912, there was a gigantic ship. There were more than 2,000 people on this huge British passenger liner ship, The Titanic. The Titanic was under the command of Edward Smith. I was on the Titanic one night.

It was cool being on the Titanic. My friend came on with me. After we left Southampton on 4-10-1912, we called Cherbourg in France and Queenstown in Ireland before the Titanic left to New York. It took a long time to build the Titanic.

It costs an estimate of $200 million. I went outside of the Titanic, and saw dolphins and humpback whales coming out on top of the water. Then a family of Blue Whale popped out of the water and splashed some people. People were wet.

Edward  Smith was just controlling the titanic, and all of a sudden, he hit an iceberg! Everyone was panicking and SCREAMING!!! Edward Smith said, “Don’t panic.” Everyone stopped. He said, “It’s just an iceberg.”

Then, he started to move around. “What is going on?” he said. He out on the side and he said, “NOOOOO!!!!” He walked back in and told everyone to rush out onto a lifeboat.

Not everyone made it out onto a boat because there was no space. So some people jumped out and just swam. Then, Edward Smith and some people went down with it. The Titanic was holding more than 2,000 people and there was only 20 lifeboats.

Me and my friend survived the sinking of The Titanic. Everyone was sad for all of the people that didn’t survive. Me and my friend went back and played games at our house. We and most of the people lived our lives.

Everyone was happy. The End.


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  1. Hi Isaac! It’s your brother. I really like how you made this Titanic story kind of an entertainment story. I wish you could have told more about how the iceberg affected the Titanic. I wonder if the iceberg froze the material that the Titanic was made of.

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